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About Bradley County Stormwater Division

A national pollutant discharge permit requires bradley county to implement a stormwater management program to protect water quality and satisfy the requirements of the federal clean water act. This program implements measures to reduce the discharge of pollutants to area lakes and streams by utilizing best management practices.

The program concentrates on six (6) key areas that are essential to achieving the program goals:

  • Public Education
  • Public Participation and Involvement
  • Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination
  • Construction Site Runoff Program
  • Post-Construction Stormwater Management Program
  • Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping 

An illicit discharge is defined as any discharge to an ms4 (municipal storm sewer system) that is not composed entirely of storm water, except allowable discharges pursuant to an npdes permit.

Simply put, if it is not storm water/ rain water, it should not go down the storm drain.

What Is An Illicit Discharge Into The MS4?

We are happy you asked! Please watch this great video to learn more!

Bradley county does not have a sewer treatment facility to process stormwater… Everything that goes into the storm drains eventually makes it’s way to a nearby stream, river, pond, or lake!!!

To report potential illicit discharges, bradley county citizens may complete one of the following options:

  1. Complete a COMPLAINT FORM andMail or drop it off at our office, located at 155 Broad St NW, Cleveland, TN 37311
  2. Attach the completed form to an email in a PDF and send it to the Stormwater Email with any photos you may have.
  3. Complete the online form CLICK HERE. It will be sent to us as soon as you click SUBMIT, and we will reach out to you with any questions.
  4. Call 423-728-7102 And leave a message on the hotline with the address of the illicit discharge, brief description, your name, and your contact information.

NOTE: An evaluation cannot be performed unless the complaint form information is completed in it’s entirety.

Illicit Discharge is Illegal


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Rain Barrels

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