Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


GIS Department

155 Broad Street NW
P.O. Box 1412
Cleveland, TN 37364-1412
(423) 728-7171 or (423) 728-7110 Phone
(423) 478-8885 Fax

GIS Maps

  • Fire Districts – Fire Districts in Bradley County (Cleveland, Charleston, Fringe Area, Rural Area)
  • Growth Plan – 20 Year Growth Plan for Bradley County / Cleveland / Charleston
  • Tax Map Index – Index of Tax Maps from the Office of Assessor of Property
  • Zoning – Zoning in Bradley County excluding Cleveland and Charleston
  • Tax Maps – Temporary site for downloading Assessor of Property’s Taxmaps.
  • Tennessee Property Viewer – Online mapping of Bradley County parcel data.
  • Assessment Data – Search for assessment data from  Bradley County Assessor of Property
  • City of Cleveland Online Map – Cleveland’s online mapping by City of Cleveland GIS Department
  • Voting Maps – Temporary site for downloading Voting District/Precinct Maps.