Bradley County Assessor of Property Stanley Thompson

Stanley Thompson

Assessor of Property, Stanley Thompson
Bradley County Courthouse Annex
155 Broad Street Northwest, Room 105
PO Box 1412
Cleveland, TN 37364
(423) 728-7125 Phone

Important Dates:

  • February 1 – Personal Property Schedules mailed to each business owner by this date.
  • March 1 – Personal Property Schedules should be returned by this date.
  • June 1 – County Board of Equalization meets for appeals regarding Personal Property Schedules.
  • September 1 – Last day to file an amended Personal Property Schedule for the previous tax year.


Stanley Thompson, Assessor of Property 423-728-7125

Administrative Staff

Rosemary Moses, Administrative Assistant 423-728-7127
Tammy Brooks, Sales/Administrative Clerk 423-728-7126
Jeana Belcher, Greenbelt/Exemptions 423-728-7125


Karen Hunsucker, Mobile Home Parks/Keypunch 423-728-7137


Personal Property Department

Karen E. Collins, Personal Property Manager 423-728-7137


Appraisal Department

Arnold L. Tarpley, Chief Appraiser 423-728-7131
Larnar Arp, Appraiser 423-728-7130
Keith Dilbeck, Appraiser 423-728-7213


Doug Collins, Appraiser 423-728-7257
Terry Powell, Appraiser 423-728-7254
Eric Wagner, Appraiser 423-728-7234


Mapping/GIS Department

Brandy Plemons 423-728-7133
Chris Edmonds 423-728-7133


Assessor of Property and GIS
Assessor of Property and GIS

Bradley County Property Tax is Payable at:
Bradley Co. Trustee, Mike Smith
1701 Keith St NW
Cleveland TN 37311
Pay Bradley County Property Taxes

City of Cleveland Property Tax is Payable at:
Cleveland City Clerk
190 Church St NE
Cleveland TN 37311
Pay City Of Cleveland Property Taxes

About the Assessor of Property

The Assessor of Property was a Statutory Office from its inception until the 1978 amendments to the Tennessee Constitution changing this status to a Constitutional Office. The Assessor is elected to 4 year terms in August of even years in which there is not an election for Governor. This places the election year for Assessor in different years from other popularly elected Constitutional Offices and officials.

The Assessor’s duties include two basic functions: appraisal and assessment of all taxable real and personal property in the county, not appraised or assessed by the state. After all property in the county is located and appraised the assessment is determined by applying the proper classification percentage as stated in the Tennessee Constitution.

All property is subject to taxation, however the legislature has determined that all non-business personal property has no value and no tax is imposed on this property.

The Assessor is required to note the values and classifications of all taxable property in the county and hold the records open for public review during normal office hours by May 20th of each year. He must also have published in a paper of general circulation in the county a notice of assessment at least 10 calendar days before the Local Board of Equalization begins meeting. In addition all property owners whose values of classification must also be informed, by mail,  of such 10 calendar days before the Local Board of Equalization begins meeting, or if incomplete, provides notification 10 calendar days before the Local Board of Equalization ends it session.